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Here’s what a few top New York chefs think about Schaller & Weber.


Kurt Gutenbruner

Chef/Owner, Wallse, Blaue Gans, Cafe Sabarski, New York City

“I always go to Schaller & Weber for all of my sausages. The bacon and ham products that they make are also the best I’ve ever tasted in America.”


Nick Korbee

Chef, Smith & Mills, New York City

“Schaller & Weber Double Smoked Bacon is unmatched by any other in the world, their German-style charcuterie is the best I’ve had in America.”


Phillip Roussel

Chef, Cafe D’Alsace, New York City

“I always use all of the Schaller & Weber ingredients for my Choucroute Garnie. It is always most important to use the best ingredients for this dish so I use their sausages, kasseler, and sauerkraut every time.”


Melanie Campbell

Chef, Asia Dog, New York City

“Great snap brings great flavor, that’s why our customers love the fact that we use Schaller & Weber Wieners.”

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