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Our Quality

Most ingredients are not good enough for Schaller & Weber. That’s the way it’s been since we opened our doors in New York City in 1937. Quality must never be sacrificed. It’s what our founders demanded, it’s what our customers expected. Anything less would compromise the tradition of authentic taste.

That’s why we only use the finest cuts, including Canadian and Berkshire pork. It’s why we only use natural, hand-blended spices and seasoning. It’s why we use only natural hard wood to smoke our meats. And it’s why none of our products contain fillers, artificial colors, artificial flavors or trans fats.

But our commitment to quality doesn’t end with premium ingredients. It continues with our time-honored recipes and tradional methods. The Schaller & Weber products served in some of the finest restaurants today are the same products that brought our first customers to our counters. And the products themselves are also prepared by the same exacting methods our founders mastered nearly a century ago.

Schaller & Weber. It’s what tradition tastes like.

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