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Hock for Soup Season

Feb 4, 2013 by in Food, Recipe

Hock for Soup Season

Groundhog’s Day has come and gone, but any way you look at it we’re still facing weeks–if not months–of soup season. Thankfully, no matter the soup, we have something that will fill your pots with flavor and your kitchens with smoky, aromatic richness. For lentil, white bean with kale, split pea, minestrone, or any number of soups, our Smoked Hock might be just the ingredient you need to make you wish winter would stay and not go the way of the groundhog. Add the hock at the beginning along with dried beans, water, and bay leaves. Slow-cooking it will infuse more flavor into each bowl than you may ever have thought possible in a homemade soup. We love this Black Bean Soup recipe from the blog Blue Kitchen. Share your own Hock Soup recipes with us in the comments below!

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