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From Farm to (Your) Table

Feb 27, 2013 by in Food

From Farm to (Your) Table
If you’ve ever chomped into a thick slice of our double smoked bacon or lain lachsschinken delicately on your tongue, you’ve probably wondered where that pig came from. The visions that dance in my head as the fatty belly melts in my mouth are of happy, frolicking, farm-raised pigs, pigs with friends, pigs that have eaten well so I might, too. Indeed, the pork we use for our specialty products is part and parcel to who we are as a company. So when it comes to double smoked bacon, not just any old hog will do. We’ve selected duBreton in Montreal, Canada, to provide us with their high-quality, widely-renowned pork–the best in North America–so we can smoke it up and serve it to you. A family-owned business since 1944, duBreton maintains humane practices and high standards on small family farms. The difference offers eaters not only peace of mind, but a far more flavorful experience.
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